Most of these probably are on the community radar by now, but here are a few new tools that I’ve run across that might be of interest:

Google Blog Search and Google Custom Search–The one thing that I’ve always been frustrated with at Technorati is the multiple steps it takes to set up an RSS feed for a blog search. Now, Google has made subscribing to a blog search feed as easy as subbing a news search feed. And the custom search makes it easy for every student to have a personal search of his/her blog or network.

Vox–This is the new social community set up by the founders of Moveable Type. Here’s my new Vox blog…anyone else got a site and want to be friends? What is intriguing about this is that it has many levels of privacy for individual pieces of content. It’s got all sorts of tie ins to and Flickr and stuff, extensive tagging and connecting capability, and fairly unobtrusive ads. I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has been thinking about Vox for classroom blogging/networking.

Flock Scrapbook–In case I haven’t mentioned it yet, I LOVE Flock. And now I love it even more. The scrapbook extension makes it easy for me to save an entire page, save a snippet of a page, highlight and annotate the stuff that I save, tag it all and organize it, search it all, and keep like tons of notes from disparate sources pretty well organized. It’s not a social extension, obviously, but it solves some of the limitations of that have frustrated me, namely the note space and full page archiving limitations. I’ve been playing with it for about a week and it’s pretty amazing. Anyone else on to it?

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