More molecules moving today…sat with a group of World Language teachers and talked and showed them what we could do with audio and podcasting and the like and there were suddenly lots of light bulbs going off. They’re already posting their own files for kids to listen to, but…

“So you mean we can just send the link to the audio file in an e-mail once we post it.” Yep.

“If we wanted to archive them, we can link them from our blogs, right?” Uh-huh.

“What if we wanted to have kids in other schools listen and respond in writing…could we do that?” No problem.

“Could our kids load these files onto their own MP3 players?” Yup.

“So I could have them do something like this on a regular basis, like my kids putting together shows in Spanish, say about our school, that the eighth grade teachers could play and have their kids listen to for the language piece and learn about high school at the same time, right?” Can you say podcasting?

“What if I wanted to have them really talk to someone from far away?” Let me tell you about Skype…

“Wow.” Exactly.