So it’s been a few days of silly little coincidences, like the two people who within about 10 minutes of each other contacted me from very disparate parts of the globe to tell me about Mogopop. Like, whoa!

Somebody, somewhere was writing about not having much patience for new tools that they can’t figure out in like 10 nanoseconds since there is so much other stuff to try out there. I’m more and more finding myself without patience for tools that aren’t extremely easy and intuitive, no matter what they claim to offer. But this little Mogopop thing has me hooked. Basically, if you’ve ever wanted to deliver a course via an iPod (or, perhaps someday, a phone? Maybe?) then Mogopop is the tool of the moment.

Now I know this first attempt isn’t anything stellar, but seriously, in about seven minutes I put together this little aggregation of photo, video and text that you can now download to your video iPod (and, perhaps someday, your phone? Maybe?) and get a quick idea of what, um, my daughter looks like, the Wikipedia definition of Web 2.0 (needs some formatting) and a short clip of some kids at a workshop I did in the U.K. I know, I know…not much that’s useful there…except the concept.

So imagine if you will, a whole slew of quality content like this that learners can access and port with them, or better, learners putting together resources that can be shared with the community to further their thinking and discussion, or perhaps portfolios of work, or maybe personalized reflections in audio, video, text form, or… All deliverable to your iPod (or, perhaps someday…) What else?

And wow, already three other people have downloaded my project! Web goodness! (I know…I need to get a life…)

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