Now that was an EdBlogger Meetup.

About 40 people or so showed up to the Rock Bottom last night to share stories and ideas about their use of blogs in their personal practice and in their schools, and to just do what is the most fun about coming to conferences like this: say hello, place the face with the blog, and get to know each other a bit. I got to cross quite a few more names off of my blogging life list this week, among them Jeff Utecht all the way from Shanghai, Terry Friedman all the way from the UK, Mark Wagner from just up the road, Alfred Thompson from New Hampshire, Karl Fisch from Colorado, and others. David Jakes, Steve Hargadon, David Warlick, Tony Vincent, and Tom Hoffman all made appearances, and despite the all male-ness of that list, I’m happy to report that there were just as many blogging women (like Courtney Peagler and Kathy Schrock) sharing their stories as there were men.

The cool thing is that hardly anyone was lamenting the obstacles or the roadblocks. This was a group of really energized people who just wanted to get together and share their, um…energy for the tools. And I think this year more than any other, there is a lot of energy coming out of NECC. A lot more of the “I need to figure this out” vibe. After my presentation today, I had a conversation with a teacher from a private school in Texas and she said something along the lines of “I’ve just been having my eyes opened the last couple of days and I have a lot of catching up to do when I get home.” Lots of people were feeling that, I think.

To me, the whole “School 2.0” vision from the Department of Ed is the big news, or at least potentially the big news. I’m going to be really interested in seeing the progression of the thinking over the next couple of months as they get more and more feedback from educators.

All in all, a great few days in San Diego. So much so that I actually heard a couple people throwing out the idea of a new, separate conference just for educators wanting to really get into the whole Read/Write Web conversation. Now THAT would be a meetup…

(BTW, if you were at Rock Bottom last night, go add a link to your blog on the meetup page.)

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