So last week I decided to give my directionally challenged spouse an early holiday gift…a window-mounted Garmin i5 GPS…and we tried it out on our trip to Connecticut this weekend. All I can say is “Oh. My. Goodness.” Now I fully admit to being naive about many things technological. But this little device is just blowing me away. Not only does “Abigail” (so named by my daughter) give us incredibly accurate directions no matter where I want to go, she can also find all sorts of kewl stuff that will surely (if it hasn’t already) render the yellow pages and 411 obsolete. Kids want a tuna sub? Hmmm…let’s see…the nearest Subway is 1.6 miles away…start navigating…we’ll be there at 12:34…go straight, make a left at the light, park.

Or on our way home I remembered that I’d forgotten my LCD to MacBook connector at one of my recent presentations and needed a new one. Could Abigail know where the nearest Apple Store might be? Um…yeah. Even gave me the phone number so I could find out if it was open. (I know, I know…there must be a built in system that will even dial the number for you…) Start navigating…be there in 14 minutes…but, sweet bejeepers it’s a huge mall crawling with shoppers…hurry, Abigail…navigate me HOME. “In point two miles, turn right then stay left…” Ahhh…peace.

Abby (my nickname for her) knows every street, shows rivers and lakes (when we were on the Tappan Zee Bridge her little monitor blazed blue aside from our narrow strip of road) and will even tell us how fast we’re going. (I wasn’t going nearly as fast as I thought I was.) But the best part is knowing exactly when we’re going to arrive at wherever it is we’re going.

Aside, of course, our final destination…

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