Last week, George Siemens put up .pdf’s of his new book Knowing Knowledge, and I’ve been reading through it on and off for the last couple of days. It’s been pushing my thinking even more about what connectivism and connected learning really is, and I’m amazed at how much it resonates with my own experience.

The idea that knowledge is not only a product but is also a process.

That know where and know who are much more important today than know what or how.

That learning is all about network creation and attending to that network.

That the learner is the teacher is the learner.

For me, that last one is what has made this such a powerful journey, and is one of the biggest shifts in thinking that I’ve had. In my “now” network, I am constantly shifting in the roles I play, most often acting as learner, but occasionaly, perhaps as teacher who then learns from the experience of teaching. And my learning is transparent; I model the way I find, synthesize, process and publish information at almost every turn. And in that sharing, I become teacher. It is an ongoing process, a negotiation not only with the material I consume about the subjects which I am passionate about but with the understanding of that material, the learning, in the context of the way the network offers it or responds to it. It’s about as far from the transmission model of learning as you can get, yet that’s still the way we look at learning in our schools.

At any rate, check out George’s book…I’m sure I’ll be writing more later.

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