Jeff Lebow and Dave Cormier of Worldbridges have been kind enough to set up a tour of Second Life for us newbies who are feeling really clueless about the whole virtual environment thing. (That means me.) So, if you’re free tomorrow at 11 EST, head on over to Webcast Academy in the chat room and meetup for a introductory Skypecast. In an e-mail, Dave says:

Please go to before we start and sign up. You will be asked
for you credit card, or your paypal id. This is to be expected, as there
is a realy economy inside and they don’t want people signing up at random.
You will not be required to pay anything.

But you might. After you see how cool it is. That’s what happened to me.
But for the purposes of looking around, you don’t need to pay.

Try signing in once before we start to make sure you have the appropriate
graphic drivers…

Maybe we’ll “see” you there.