It’s almost time to report out on my move to the MAC, but first, I have to say that Flock is quickly becoming my favorite tool of all. And I’m sure I’m not even scratching the surface. The ability to blog from any page, to blog right from my RSS reader (which, btw, is every bit as good if not better than Bloglines), the one-click to function, and now the geotagging extension for Flickr uploads through the browser have all made me totally forget about IE and are quickly leaving even Firefox as a fading memory.

Today’s 10-minute foray into my Flickr Maps page had my head spinning. I mean talk about a great opportunity for classrooms. I’m still not sure if I can automatically send geotagged photos directly to my map page or if I have to manually drop them onto the page. But still it was pretty cool to start looking at photos from around the world that people had already tagged.

There are some other tools that I’ve been playing with like Writely and Diigo that I’m finding pretty amazing…especially on my MAC. More about those at some point.

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