So the news on DOPA is eerily quiet. I’m starting to think (hope?) that our best outcome right now is that the Senate Commerce committee won’t deal with it until after the October 6 target recess date which means that it will become a post election issue. That might just allow cooler heads to prevail.  (Here’s the meeting schedule through Sept. 28…DOPA isn’t mentioned.)

In poking around, however, I did find this interesting tidbit that I hadn’t seen and that I can’t seem to confirm. Geoffrey Fletcher writes in THE Journal that “DOPA also wants to
make these sites available only to people age 18 and older,” as in people under 18 wouldn’t be able to use them anywhere, in or out of schools. Is that right?

At any rate, I don’t think now is the time to get any less vigialant about this. If you haven’t already done so, write your senators and tell them that only education will truly protect kids from falling victim to predation on the Net or anywhere else for that matter.

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