Some more good news on the DOPA front…it appears Senate action will be put off until next month. That’s not a guarantee or anything, but it’s a step in the right direction.

As is the fact that Internet safety expert Larry Magid has come out with a pretty provocative argument for why DOPA is dopey.

But even if the bill weren’t overly broad, it would still betroublesome because it is the wrong – and I would argue a dangerous approach – to Internet safety. While nearly everyone agrees that Internet predators should be”deleted,” this bill doesn’t address that issue. Unlike the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006, which the President signed into law on July 21, DOPA does nothing to strengthen penalties orincrease prosecution of criminals who prey on children. Instead, it punishes the potential victims and educational institutions chartered to serve them, by denying access to interactive sites at school and libraries.

As Larry says, this might be better called the “Deleting Online Teenagers Act.”

Just my humble opinion, but I still think we have to take this fight outside of our community. Anyone writing any letters to editors? Calling up talk shows? E-mailing their friends? I’ve done the last and am working on the first. Doug Noon has a great sample letter to send to your senator.

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