I’ve been in New York a lot lately, and tonight I spent 90 minutes speaking to parents, educators and community members from the beautiful Lake Chautauqua region of Western New York. As usual, the 45-minute conversation was more interesting than the 45-minute presentation, and I wanted to put this up there in case those in attendance wanted to add their thoughts.

If there was one take away I had from the discussion it’s that this is an incredibly challenging moment for all of us. The ways in which we have been used to learning about the world are becoming less and less effective in terms of making sense of things these days. We need new skills and literacies that our kids and our students are exploring, but we’re not giving them a lot of landmarks to follow to learn those literacies effectively. And the lens that we bring to these shifts is very difficult to change.

Someone in the audience said that he wished there was an inoculation that we could get that would instantly make sense of things. I said that if it at least allowed us to consider a different model that would be good enough.

But conversations are what this is all about…and this was a challenging one. I hope it continues.

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