Just a quick post about the 7th Annual Building Learning Communities conference that starts today with pre-conference sessions here in Boston. I’ve got 32 captive (and hopefully captivated) educators for the day to do some evangelizing and teaching. Go, Blogs! Go!

But what I’m really looking forward to is meeting/seeing some folks from our edblogging community, like Darren Kuropatwa, Steve Dembo, Tim Stahmer, Kevin Jarrett and others. I’m sure we’ll be doing a blogger, um, sail-up on the annual Boston Harbor Cruise on Wednesday night. (That Flickr photo set ought to be interesting…) Also, rumor has it Marc Prensky will be here as an attendee, as is ISTE CEO Don Knezek, who I met a dinner last night. And, as always, there are people from all around the world here who bring interesting visions and stories about technology. Should be another great event.

I just hope I have some time to do some blogging about it…

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