I didn’t realize until I saw Karl Fisch‘s latest video that next year’s kindergarteners will be the class of 2020, and just the phrasing that we need a “2020 Vision” for that group is too good not to remix in any number of ways. (Hey Karl…have you trademarked it yet???) This new video is a great remix of the Epic Video and offers a very hopeful storyline for educational and change in this world. I’m not sure, unfortunately, that I’m as optimistic as Karl is, and I’m almost hoping the world isn’t as Google-ized as he represents, but as he himself says, that’s not really the point:

Let me also be clear that this “future” is not necessarily what I would like to see happen, although there are pieces of it that I would certainly be in favor of. The goal is not to debate the plausibility of any specific predictions, but to envision a time in the not-too-distant future when the world is significantly different – and hopefully schools are as well. Then, based on what that could look like, what should we be doing now to help prepare for and transition to that future. Hopefully this “2020 Vision” will help get those conversations started.

The creativity and interesting thinking that he displays in the piece are amazing and well worth the 15 minutes to watch. (I especially love what happens in 2013.)
But dang, I just love that title…almost as good as “Shift Happens.”

(“Eye HD” photo by Gabsriel)

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