Lately, there have been a couple times when I went to check my Bloglines account only to have it either take an inordinately long time to come up or, god forbid, not come up at all. Like just now. Given what’s a pretty great record in terms of always being there, I’m not too worried. But it does make me realize how dependent I am on my aggregator these days. Literally makes me queasy.

I need an online feedreader because I shift between two or three computers on a fairly regular basis. Plus, I just like knowing that no matter what may break on my tablet, which is what I’m using now, I’ll still be able to get to my subs. That is unless my subs can’t get to me.

Good news…it’s back up. I feel better. I’ve saved my OPML. If you’re a Bloglines user, you should too.

My how times are changing.