Remember my jots to dilemma? Well thanks to Tom Hoffman, my jots bookmarks are migrating to my account as I write this. (Up to 189…probably a few hundred more to go.) I IM’d him this morning asking where to go for help, and after unsuccessfully trying to guide me through the process (I was hacking with Python, oh yeah, uh huh…) he generously just ended up doing it for me. It’s nice to know that though he tires of my “blogvangelism” from time to time (at least I think that was directed at me) he’s willing to help out a fellow blogger in need. (And get me thinking.) I know I’ve said this before, but to a person, the people who I have connected with and met face to face through blogging over the past few years have all been just really good people. (224 and counting…) And I really feel like I’m part of a smart, creative, respectful community which is not always the case in the blogosphere. (243…244…245) So, while there is still something to be said for Jots, the community over at is too strong to ignore. And so part 1A of my information transformation is complete.

Sincere thanks, Tom.