This has been a pretty slow blogging week, primarily becuase yesterday we kicked off a full year pilot of about 35 tablet PCs in the hands of teachers from every discipline at our school. I ran a two-hour training that was one of the most fun sessions I’ve ever done primarily because of the kick of having the tablet and being able to walk around the room using the stylus to navigate it, everything being projected via wireless connection to a screen at the front of the room. Amazingly cool technology, I think.

I haven’t written too much about my tablet use, but I can’t imagine life without one at this point. I’ve had my Toshiba M200 for about a year and it’s become attached to me, literally. Ironically, Josh Marshall posted about his use of a tablet yesterday and I think it’s a great overview of the tool.

The best part is that today in the lunchroom a actually heard one of the pilot teachers say “Yeah, and then after I write all the notes on my presentation I can just throw it on my blog so the kids will have it.”