So I already think Skype is pretty amazing in terms of facilitating the ever more infrequent Ed Tech Coast to Coast podcasts (though there may be a new one shortly!) But I happened to be watching an online presentation by my friend Alan November yesterday and he suggested a use that just made me slap my forehead in a “Doh!” moment: Skype to allow parents to listen to their child’s presentations at school!

And while we’re at it:

  • Skyping class discussions for kids who are home sick.
  • Skyping interviews with outside the school resources.
  • Skyping with kids who are home schooled.
  • Skyping between teachers and students after hours to ask questions. (I can hear the response now…)
  • Skyping presentations between schools in disparate geographies.
  • Skype debates.
  • Skyping foreign language classrooms from around the world.
  • Skyped reports from onsite at museums, etc.
  • Skyping…

    If there is anyone out there interested in piloting some Skype in the curriculum, let me know.