Ok, so I wasn’t planning on spending a good chunk of my morning reading what for me at least is a pretty heady argument for edcuational change, but I happened upon this one sentence that REALLY resonated, and off I went:

Today, however, intense pressures for change now come directly from technology and the economy and not ideology or educational reformist ideas, with an expanding global economy and novel technologies demanding innovative skills, competencies, literacies, and practices.

That’s what I’ve been thinking about too, the idea that these technologies will in and of themselves demand a rethinking of the current educational system, which, if left unchanged, will simply become obviously irrelevant to the ways of learning and working in the connected, “authorship society” we’re entering.

If that turns out to be true, I suggest we fasten our seatbelts immediately…

I highly suggest you carve out an hour or so to read Douglas Kellner’s most interesting ideas.