In my real job, I’ve been trying to manage the process for changing the current five-computers in a classroom model at my school to something a bit more flexible and scalable, and we’re on the verge of selecting some pilot programs to implement this fall. Most notably is one that will involve outfitting about 30 teachers with Tablet PCs to try to see what effect they might have on delivery of the curriuclum, professional development, and student learning. Other pilots will most likely revolve around using iPods and thin client technology. And, like many other schools, we’re taking a serious look at a 1-1 student laptop program in the near future. Lots of work to do.

Now that we are entering the pilot phase, I’ve been thinking pretty hard about how to best support the project through online spaces like blogs and wikis. I think that setting up a blog for the teachers and encouraging them to reflect on their process and questions is going to be crucial. But I’m also thinking about a wiki as a space to capture resources and links for further study and research. With all of the bowing down I’ve been doing lately with wikis, it’s about time to start practicing what I preach, I think.