From Anastasia Goodstein over at Ypulse:

In my fantasy world one or all of the tech companies would outfit every new and older teacher with a brand new laptop full of software, bookmarked with the coolest and best educational sites and resources online and an iPod. Every teacher would attend a three day paid training where they explore these sites, build their own site, create a blog, load their favorite music on their iPod and learn to Podcast. They should create a profile on Myspace or a Live Journal and explore those worlds. They should play The Sims or Everquest. Basically they should be immersed in everything their students are with the addition of new and cutting edge sites and technology they can use in the classroom.

Ok, so let’s see…about $139 billion paid out in teacher salaries last year, divided by 185 days times three tech-immersion days = $2.25 billion cost. That’s about what we add to the national debt every day.