So we’re at the point in our teacher model pilot that we want to add some curricular management systems to the mix with the hope of settling on one in the spring to implement in fall. We’ve been working with Moodle, which we like, but it doesn’t have the tie in to our student information system that we would like (I don’t think, at least.) We’ve also decided to look at Blackboard and Sharepoint (though not too enthusiastically on my part), and I’m personally interested in .LRN, the developers of which I met at the originaly BloggerCon so many years (two) ago.

So I’m wondering if anyone out there has any other suggestions to consider. We’re primarily PC with a Novell network and an SIS from a relatively small (but growing) company. We want a system that will allow teachers to easily move curriculum online, communicate with students, parents and colleagues, and create collaborative environments of all different types, and allow students and teachers to publish easily and widely.

Any nominations?