So I love Jots, I really do. No really. I love how easy it is, how it looks, the rss feeds, etc. But after reading David Weinberger’s update on what’s in store for, well, I think it’s time I got with the masses and revived my very quiet account there.

Delicious is adding social networking. You’ll be able to designate people as members of your “network” so you can keep up with what they’re tagging and you’ll be able to create groups within which bookmarks can be kept private. Eventually, Delicious may disambiguate tags in part by weighing your groups’/network’s use of them more heavily. In any case, the addition of social networking will create yet more unintended consequences…something to look forward to.

But now here’s the problem, and yes, I’m looking for help. I’d love to be able to import my jots bookmarks into, but there doesn’t seem to be any google-able info on how to do that, and jots support is, to be kind, nonexistant. (Silly me.) So, I’ll ship one of my wife’s homemade pumpkin pies to the first person who can tell me how the heck to move my bookmarks. (Hey Alan, they got pumpkins in Phoenix???) And “you can’t” just isn’t an acceptable answer.