Last night I added a 30-second message to the start of one of my seven-year-old daughter’s favorite songs, loaded in on my iPod, and “surprised” her with it when I got home. It was easy. It was fast. It was fun.

Sometimes I really marvel at how fun this all is. It’s fun to:

  • be almost constantly learning, not only by pushing my limited envelope with the tools but reading and thinking about intruiging ideas from really smart people.
  • watch the tools evolve in ways that teachers and students can put them to good use without spending hours and hours to master them.
  • be a part of a really amazing community of educators who are constantly challenging me.
  • have an audience.
  • see the ways in which other teachers and students are kicking their own tires with these concepts.
  • fail, try again, fail, try again, and finally get it right. (Add more failures as necessary.)
  • blogvangelize.
  • watch society and the world change from technology in important ways.
  • have big ideas.
  • have relevant information come to me.
  • know some things a whole bunch of people don’t know, at least for now.
  • think about what the future might hold.

    Every now and then I feel the need to bow down and thank whatever is out there for my good fortune, especially when world events rightly remind me just how lucky I am.