So we’re in beautiful but foggy Monterey for the Internet @ Schools West conference where I’ll be doing some blogvangelism tomorrow morning before heading back East. Somehow I managed to get my jet-lagged rear end through the 10K Big Sur River Run yesterday morning through a beautiful redwood forest. I’m paying for it today, however.

But here’s the quote of the day, overheard in a restaurant: “You know, if you’re lucky, you’ll get one good teacher in your life.”
And there were general assents at the table where the comment was made. And it started me thinking about my own teachers, and how many of them I really remember as having an impact on my desire to learn. There were three, at least in my traditional schooling. I guess I’m lucky. But it also got me thinking about my own teaching, and the thousands of kids I had in my classrooms, and how many of them I left an impact on, not in terms of journalism or media or literature but in terms of loving learning. I wonder…

And it also got me thinking about how many teachers I have now who constantly help me learn. Many more today than in all of my past.