It’s holiday time. I’m not gonna be around these parts for the next four days as I’m taking a much needed blog holiday to visit with the fam, watch other people eat turkey (Thanksgiving just hasn’t been the same since we went veggie), read one of those paper things with words printed in it, and dive into big piles of leaves with my kids. Bliss…

But before I go, I figured since this post is going to stay on top o’ the blog for a few days, I might do another one of those reader participation posts that seemed to liven things up around here last time. So, here’s today’s challenge…

We’ve already ascertained that the Web changes everything now. (Right?) But there are still a lot of burning questions that we need to think about (if not find answers to) as we move forward even deeper into the throes of this interactive, collaborative, conversation-laden space. I’m hoping we can start a list of the big ones. Here are a couple to start with:

  • What can each of us do to get every single kid connected to the Web as soon as humanly possible?
  • What do we do when the sum of all human knowledge is online?

    I’ve got about 300 more, but I’m sure you have some as well. Please share.

    Thanks to all of you who through your willingness to write, read, push back, throw things, etc. have contributed to my learning this year. I am sincerely thankful to be a part of this community.

    Happy Thanksgiving!