Serendipitous surfing brings me to this comment by Gardner Campbell on Dave Cormier’s blog:

I’m thinking that college is now the opportunity not only to begin one’s personal library, but also to build one’s personal suite of trusted and inspiring experts. That of course is what already happens to some extent, but now it need not be confined to the campus. The campus is where the beloved local professor simply starts the ball rolling.

I like that “suite of trusted and inspiring experts” line especially. But I would add, why wait until college? A K-12 teacher can just as easily get the ball rolling for students if we teach them early on how to start building their own resource lists.

Which brings me to my own resource list at Bloglines that has been causing me some angst of late. I just can’t read all of these sources any more. I’ve tried, I really have, to keep up, but I can’t any longer. So I’ve been thinking about a major overhaul, one that organizes my feeds differently but also relies more on really focused search feeds. I’m thinking that I need to spend some time over at Stephen Downes’s site and the search sites like Technorati, Feedster and others. And I’m needing to figure out a more effective way of incorporating the information I save in (which I’ve started using again despite the fact that it has a very limited notes space). Now that I’ve been doing this for four years, I feel like I really need to settle in and find a best practice for my needs.