Paul Chenowith links to a new Perseus survey of the blogosphere with some numbers that seem strangely out of whack, at least to me. First, Perseus expects around 55 million blogs to have been created by year’s end, which is like six or seven times more than any other estimates I’ve seen. It says MSN Spaces has like 4.5 million sites, of which maybe I’ve seen three. And what the heck is Greatest Journal anyway?


The report goes on to say that the first BloggerCon was the “inflection point” for the industry. Huh? And here’s a statistic near to my own heart: at the infamous only a “somewhat greater” than 4.7% of their 12 million (12 million!?!) users have a blog. Are we still calling that a blog site? (Rhetorical question.)

And here I thought I had a pretty good pulse on the blogosphere…

Paul sums it up nicely, however.

All in all, however, I believe the escalating growth in the use of blogs by teens and young adults means that there are learning opportunities available. Ignoring the potential of blogs as an accepted/adopted learning tool among teens is rapidly fading option. Blogging is neither the end of the highway nor the finish line in the chase for technology, it is merely a barometer of things to come.

Go Blogs. Go!