I gotta say that at this point, the fact that a major newspaper can so totally miss the significance of blogs just escapes me. Here’s the USA Today today:

These days, the hype about blogs is off the charts.

And you know what that usually means: Run for cover, because a bubble is going to burst and make a big mess.

Just about everybody is either celebrating blogs or worrying about blogs, which are essentially online journals.

Ah, yes, the old bubble is bursting analogy. Wow. The good news is we don’t have to believe anything written by someone who would still refer to a Weblog as “essentially [an] online journal.” Goodness gracious.

And I’m not even droning on about education here, ok? I could list about a bazillion blogs that do anything but capture the dreadfully pedantic day to day occurences of our lives and focus instead on actually articulating what the authors THINK instead of what they DO.

What a concept.

Yes, but in a few years, we’ll look back on the blog craze thing and think “how quaint.” Because by then the big bad blog will be supplanted by something bigger and better, which will in turn be overrun by something even bigger and better and…you get the picture. So stick the fork in. We’re almost done.

Not a moment too soon.