So, for some reason, this line at Ross Mayfield’s blog caught my eye:

Sitting in the French Senate for Les BlogsHalf of their schoolchildren blog, French is the second most popular language in the blogopshere, they like to express themselves and debate their views.

Which with a little bit of tangoing with Technorati tags brought me to this:

Pretty amazing that in France apparently due to skyrock radio promoting blogs that now around 3 million french kids blog. Yep blogging is BIG in France.

Which, with a little bit of dancing with brought me to this:

The French blogeur revolution is being spearheaded by precocious youngsters. According to government figures, half of all schoolchildren are bloggers, an estimated 3 million. Almost 2 million of them use Skyblog, a service operated by youth radio station Skyrock that is growing by around 600 new journals and 200,000 entries every day.

Many teens use cell phones to post diary entries and pop-culture news flashes to their skyblogs on the move. But that portability is ruffling feathers in the classroom, where provocative adolescents use their journals to lampoon teachers and classmates with embarrassing camera-phone snaps and abusive remarks like “il pue le vin” — “he stinks of wine.”

A spate of blog-related suspensions culminated last month in the expulsion of 10 pupils from high schools in Auvergne and Picardy, four of whom also faced legal action; ministers swiftly introduced new school rules making it unlawful to insult anyone by blog.

“We discovered blogs in the U.S. in 2001 and wanted to adapt this formidable means of expression for our rising generation,” said Skyrock CEO Pierre Bellanger. “The classroom was formerly a closed place but, with mobile phones, it becomes a recordable, open place. The adults do not like it and are lost there.”

“The internet is the most important medium for school kids in France,” said Six Apart’s Le Meur. “The young people are not used yet to traditional media. They were already sharing everything on instant messaging, so blogs are just natural for them — the problem is, nobody told them they could not criticize their teachers.” [Emphasis mine.]

Mon Dieu! 200,000 entrées du jour!?! Tres bien! Non?