So I was hoping to “officially” announce this bit of news before NECC, and since I haven’t left for Philly yet, I guess I made it. I’ve just signed an agreement with Corwin Press to publish an Ed Blogwikirssfurlflickrmediacast Book which will hopefully be at a bookseller near you by the end of the year. The tentative title is “The Educator’s Guide to Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and Other Cool Tools That are Transforming the Classroom.” Long, I know. I wanted something more Read/Write Webby, but at this point, I think blatantly obvious is better.

I struggled with this a few months ago, because a book about collaborative Web technologies just didn’t seem very, well, collaborative. I thought it should be a wiki. But in the end, with prodding from some of my edblogging buddies, I decided to pursue paper because I really think the vast majority of teachers still need a more traditional introduction to the Read/Write Web. The first draft is about 95% done, and what I’ve realized is that it’s much less a book about the technologies than it is a book about some really, really inspiring and creative people who have seen the potential and acted upon it. Much more, I’m sure, later.

The second bit of “news” is that sometime around four years ago this week, I started blogging. (I think that makes me about 53 in “blog” years.) And I must say, it’s been an amazing four years. I know I have said this before, but aside from my wonderful wife and my two bratty kids, I can’t think of much that has taught me more and changed me more than this regular practice of reading, writing and learning. To many, that probably sounds like a sad commentary on my life, but those who know me know I consider it a blessing, if there is such a thing. Part passion, part calling (maybe?), part addiction. These are world changing technologies, and I feel so very lucky to have stumbled upon them when I did.

So, I’m off to NECC for tonight’s keynote by David Weinberger (preview here), some networking on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, and then the panel Thursday morning. (Unfortunately I have commitments during the day tomorrow and Wednesday that I can’t escape.) If you’re around, please stop by the edblogger meet-up on Wednesday afternoon at 4:30 in PACC 204 A and say hello.