Jack McLeod is more than “moving molecules” as a friend of mine used to say. He’s moving mountains. Check out this post where he talks about how he’s hoping to implement blogs at his school.

Jeff [his principal] is ready to get the kids blogging. The global audience did it. Authentic publishing. Now that’s why we have the Internet. It’s not for surfing or replacing the library, it’s for sharing with the world. The upshot is that I’m going to apply for a leave to get the ball rolling…Jeff is a great leader that gets stuck dealing with discipline and attendance. Today was a chance to talk. I mentioned my rant about throwing away all of our current curriculum and starting to teach kids how to manage information. He’s there. That’s the read-write web isn’t it?

He’s adding Bloglines and Furl and Firefox to all of the classroom computers as well. How cool is that?