…into Manila, the more I find things I want it to do but can’t. I’m not saying this is just a problem with Manila, mind you, but since that’s the boat I’m sailing right now, it gets frustrating.

Here’s the scenario: The adviser to the National Honor Society wants her students to be able to create posts for her to review and approve for publication. She also wants all of her members on the e-mail notification list for when something is posted. Here’s the problem: she wants to get an automatic e-mail from Manila when something is put into the queue for her to review. But if I’ve added all the members to the notification list, they’ll all get that e-mail as well, and in doing so they read the post before it gets officially published. The most obvious solution is to have the students e-mail or tell her when they create content for her to approve. And if it was just her, that would be ok. But now that my district wants two levels of review, that means that the teacher will have to send an e-mail to the public info person so she knows there is something there to look at as well. AARRGHH! Too much work.