Is it me or is the ‘new’ Technorati worse than the old one? Look, I really like being able to see who is linking to this site and finding new voices and authors. But Technorati has been getting buggier and buggier over the last few months. And now with the new site, I can’t do much of anything. It will let me login, but when I click something else, it just kicks me out again. Login, kick out. Login, kick out. What fun. The concept is great, but sheesh, Technorati doesn’t seem to me to be a service ready to get out of beta.

Alan notes that Feedster is going to start a similar service soon, and I claimed my blog in anticipation. But with the good news about tracking and linking stats comes this troubling development:

“Ad Revenue Sharing – If you publish your feed using Feedster, we will offer an opt-in mechanism by which we insert ads in your feed and share the revenue with you.”

Ok, who am I, with my toe in the advertising water, to complain about another potential revenue stream for bloggers. But ads on Weblogs are one thing. Since I rarely actually visit any of the sites on my blogroll these days, I have no problem. But not the feeds. Puhleese…not the feeds!