Well, nothing save shutting this site down for a period has been able to stop the spammers from getting through…about 50 comments a day that I’ve been trying to stay ahead of. Not fun. For Manila users out there, I’ve tried closing the site to membership, shutting off comments, even blocking and deleting the offending “members” but as I said, nothing has worked. And I see I’m not the only one out there having this issue.

It’s not especially hard to delete the messages in Manila although it would be easier to have a check box of all messages that I could just run through and select. And I’m not going to shut down the site because of spam…yet. Since turning comments off doesn’t help, I’ll turn them back on. What the heck.

The problem, obviously, is what this might portend for my student sites, and that has me really worried. I mean, I have a feeling those sites probably aren’t on the spammers’ radar, but I shudder to think of the implications if I can’t find some way to shut them out other than shutting sites down. That would not be fun.