In my spare time (yuck, yuck) I’ve been trying to compile some of the ideas brought up here into some hopefully usable guide for teachers who might be thinking of diving into this crazy world. I’ve got a couple others in progress, but I thought I’d throw this first one on using RSS in the classroom up there for the taking and for feedback. It’s pretty basic stuff that might be a useful training piece for the uninitiated. But it does go into the whole area of search feeds with some depth. I’m thinking maybe I should wiki it (is that a verb?) so that others can add to it. But for now, it’s just a Word document that anyone can use if he or she feels so inclined. Let me know if you feel it’s useful and if you have any additions or corrections to share. And if anyone has any suggestions for future such “guides,” pass them along.

UPDATE: D’Arcy Norman was kind enough to post this as a .pdf in case anyone is document challenged. Thanks!