This post is primarily for the attendees at the blogging session yesterday at the New England Library Association conference in beautiful downtown Manchester, NH. The link to the presentation is here, but beware it may take some time to load (1.9 mb). And, please refer to the RSS Quick Start Guide for Educators that I mentioned for more on how to use RSS in your libraries and classrooms.

As I was driving back home last night I realized that I may have skipped over one important part in our RSS discussion that you really need to know, and that’s locating the feeds themselves. On some blogs, you can find a link that says “Syndicate this site.” or something similar. But in most cases, just look for the XML button (shown here.)

Just click on the button, take the URL from the page of gobbledygook that appears, post it into your aggregator, and start collecting news.

Thanks for all of your enthusiasm and great questions, and please let me know if I can help in your Weblogging adventures.