Dan Mitchell extends yesterday’s post on Manila’ LOR capabilities even more:

Since the links can be embedded in other pages on the weblog site it is an easy matter to create a page describing the gem that includes a link. (Or, as hard-core Manila users know, a News Item may serve even better.) Now you have a searchable page containing a description of the resource with a built-in link to the original gem.

It gets even better. Frontier/Manila server operators can add plug-in tools that provide extra features to those who create and maintain sites. One such tool is the Metadata plugin, which puts full metadata fields on the page where one creates new Manila stories – making it a relatively easy matter to add metadata to the page wrapping the resource… if you are into such things.

[Update] I failed to mention the RSS piece of this when I first posted this message. The RSS feature can automatically publicize the fact that the new object has been created an made available. Those subscribing to a site’s RSS feed will get the descriptive text for the resources with a link back to the original.

Weblog tools can provide the following:

  • Learning objects (by the way, I don’t like that term!) can easily be uploaded.
  • They can easily be incorporated into web pages on the weblog site, either by embedding or by linking to the original object.
  • The page containing the link or embedded object can contain descriptive material concerning the object.
  • Plugins allow additional features such as easy inclusion of metadata.
  • The page and the metadata are searchable.
  • RSS can provide notification when a new object is posted.
  • The more you dig into it, the more powerful Manila seems…