Pardon the really bad title, but this Skype thing is just way too much fun. Just got off the Skype with Ian Yorston from who Skyped me up from England and sounded like he was just down the road. Earlier today I chatted with Jim Wenzloff in Michigan. And I got contact info for Tim Wilson and Joe Luft, who with any luck will be back to blogging here real soon.

So yes, this has the potential to be all sorts of disruptive, but it can also be productive. I mean Ian and I chatted about the possibilities of collaborations among our kids; hopefully we’ll get back in touch after the New Year. And what about author chats or classroom interviews or… I mean, how easy (and cheap) is this? Just get a microphone and a set of speakers and there you go.

And goodness, what about Podcasts?!? Next Skype I get, I’m going to see if I can record it. (If anyone’s got the how to on this, let me know. I’m thinking I can make it work with Camtasia…maybe? Audacity?) And if I can do that, then the first edublogger-conference-Skype-podcast is scheduled for right after the new year. I call moderator. (Am I strange that the thought of that gives me chills? Really. Am I?)