Don’t exactly know why, but all of a sudden there seems to be a bunch
o’ teachers and students blogging that I hadn’t seen before. I’m lovin’it! Here’s some more examples of how classrooms are putting the technology to good use:

  • KF Broadcast Journalism–Amy Bowllan, one of the teachers I met at Mohonk, has jumped right in and started a blog for her class at the Kew Forrest School in NY. Six posts in two days…I’m impressed!
  • Social Studies
    Central Blog
    –Glenn and Maura Wiebe out in Kansas ask “How
    can Social Studies teachers use blogs to improve student learning?”

  • And staying on the departmental theme, here’s Science Blog
    . Looks like any interested Science types can start their own blogs free of charge. (If anyone checks it out, let me know what you find.)

  • Weblogs at UPEI–This was linked elsewhere, but it looks like this is a campus wide blog implementation. They must have close to 100 bloggers participating.
  • Teach2Edify–Not sure if I linked this site by Rick West at BYU before, but it’s a good example of the teacher putting in the effort to highlight posts from student blogs in one central area. Barbara Ganley really does this well too, and it’s almost a requirement, I think, if you want to build community in the class.
  • The Clem–Chris Burnett’s class blog which is discussing a couple of novels relating to civil rights. The cool part is that she’s doing some metacognitive blogging alongside her students as she reports out about the experience. And this is pretty powerful: the author of one of the books has joined in, as have some students from England.
  • And last but not least, one of the AP classes here has started a blog to discuss A Doll’s House with a theater rep company at Northwestern Oklahoma State University. The director and some of her actors are going to engage in conversations about the work through the blog. I mean, how cool is that? I’ll be linking to it shortly…