Jon Udell goes into great depth about the potential for using
as a collaborative tool. My head hurts after reading it, but I actually
think I see some of the interesting ways that can connect
ideas and interests. Just one example; I didn’t realize that it not
only tells you who else posted the same bookmark, but it also tells you
how they tagged that bookmark so you can potentially easily subscribe
to that narrow topic via RSS feed. Not so with Furl, I don’t think.

He also suggests saving your own posts, which is something I had started to do with Furl
a while back. It didn’t last, however. The idea of going back and
tagging each post with keywords is daunting, but I can see the
reasoning behind it, I guess. It’s the index to the blog, more or less,
and I really like that concept. I do wish it was easier to retreive
certain ideas and posts that were written many moons ago now (I can’t
believe I’ve got almost three years worth of writing here…oy.)

But one obvious classroom use of either Furl or is having
students subscribe to to one of the teacher’s topic feeds. What a great
way to disctribute information. Phil Windley posted something similar a couple of days ago:

I’ve found to be a great way to organize bookmarks and,
using the RSS feeds, have my students follow what I’m book marking.
When I want to bring something to their attention, I can just bookmark
it in and they see it in their feedreader. Very easy to do.

I think this whole concept has some great applications,
but I’m not sure my feeble brain can sort through all the different
ways to make it happen. I’m feeling like that overload point is near

Maybe I should do a Podcast.