(Via JD Lasica) Since I’m immersed in the latest Lessig book “Free Culture,” (which is free for download, by the way,) I thought this piece in the Boston Globe was especially interesting. It’s a total shift to believe that giving your stuff away can actually increase sales of the traditional forms, but it certainly is the case with me. I bought Lessig’s book. And I’ve purchased the CDs of at least a dozen artists who I first heard through some p2p vehicle. Kind of flies in the fact of common sense, but I think for right now, despite the generation of mix and burners that are coming up, books and CDs and the like are just easier. I don’t particularly want to find all the songs, rip the CD, find the lyrics and liner notes, format them, print them, get the case…at some point it just gets easier to drive to my locally owned record shop to buy the darn thing. And even though I spend a large part of my life reading online, I still haven’t been able to replace the feel of a book in my hands, one that can hold all my jottings and ideas. Someday, when it becomes easier to annotate with a computer, I may make the switch. But then what will I do with all those shelves?