(via Sebastian Paquet) Blogs as cyberportfolios in the K-12 arena in Canada are nothing new thanks to Mario Asselin at the Institut St-Joseph in Quebec. But now thanks to Sebastian and friends, the meme is expanding. Check out these pages of cyberportfolios for students at le Centre d’@pprentissage du Haut-Madawaska. Sebastian’s description of the energy behind the project is inspiring:

Some classes have already started blogging in full force and others will follow. Roberto Gauvin, the principal (and school webmaster), is behind this like you wouldn’t believe. He has turned the home page for the school into a weblog. He’s jazzing up the teachers, evangelizing, fiddling with templates. He’s pushing out post after post explaining what’s happening inside (and sometimes outside) his school. It’s nice to build something and see it get used like this!

Amen! Now if only he could send some of that energy down south.