I just realized that there was a lesson plan to go along with today’s article in the Times about Weblogs.

In this lesson, students critique three Web logs, each of which offers first-hand accounts, but reflect different points-of-view, on the war in Iraq. They then write a response to one of the entries and analyze what they learned about the war from the blogs.

And I like the follow up questions they ask:

–What makes a “bloggable moment” for you?
–Do you think constant blogging indicates signs of an unhealthy obsession or spirited pastime? Why?
–What makes another person’s blog worth reading?
–By what “rules” do you think fellow bloggers should abide and why?
–Do you think most bloggers intend to have conversations with themselves, or intend to communicate their thoughts widely? Why might that matter to a blogger?

Looks like a great introduction for students and teachers to use in the classroom.