I’ve been feeling pretty blogblocked lately, that brain-dead I’d rather be outside building my garden pond on this beautiful day feeling that makes it difficlut to concentrate on anything even the slightest intellectual much less write about it so I remembered how often I used to tell my stuck students to follow Peter Elbow’s (and Natalie Goldberg’s) advice to write fast for five or ten or twenty minutes (I did this for an hour once) and see if you can unstick yourself of whatever is blocking you. Just dump out whatever comes to your mind and I’ve done this a gazillion times but never in a blog and so now I’m wondering if this is such a great idea, wondering whether or not this is the type of thing I should be doing here and then wondering why I’m even worried about it since 98.7% of anyone who started reading this will be long gone by now and struggling not to think too much about making this sound like it makes any sense and knowing that I’ll probably erase it when my five minutes is up (only two to go) so that no one will even know it existed except for me just like all those other ones in the paper journals collecting dust on my shelf, the ones I need to read again just for kicks and just to remember how far (or how little) I’ve come from my angst filled youth when it was all poetry and music and simple non-technological fun. My how times have changed. And now I’m doubting this will do any good at all and will just serve as a reminder that sometimes the groove ends, slump happens or something like that…and finally my five minutes is almost up and I can laugh at this and vaporize it unless I listen to some little voice in my head that says “aw what the heck, hit the button just to see how it feels ’cause I can always erase it anyway” but remembering that if I do some Bloglines Sharpreader NewsGator thing somewhere could be right at the moment I click on “publish” be visiting this site, snatching it from me and and sending to God knows who to read…gulp.