(via Alec Couros) Amy Gahran goes as far into Furling as I’ve seen anyone yet and comes up with a great primer for the uninitiated. She also creates a new job title:

Discussion group support: Some online dicussions mention a lot of links – articles to check out, recommended sites or services, etc. Hunting through archives of postings can be exceptionally tedious, and often fruitless. If you designate a “furler” for your discussion group (someone who creates a Furl item for every link referenced in the discussion), finding those valuable nuggets can be much easier later on.

On first blush, one addition I would make to her list is to use Furl to push content to various pages similar to what I did with the “What’s Mr. R. Reading?” section of my journalism portal. But this is a great list of creative ways to use the tool, one definitely worth Furling.