The Intel Odyssey site has been featureing Web logging educators and despite the obstacles which lay ahead, the whole concept seems to me to be catching on. A series like this helps lend legitimacy to what Helen Turnbull says is “the best tool for integrating technology and literacy that I’ve ever seen.” (My apologies to Helen and to Pam for not including their Intel stories in the previous post…a nice surprise! And by the way, in case anyone is wondering, Pam doesn’t look any different from the way she did in college back in…let’s see, when was that???)

What I’m hoping is that the cause can really get a boost from Intel when we have our conclave at NECC on Monday. I would think that in aligning itself with teachers using Web logs, Intel could a) brand itself with a truly outstanding use of a hot, “new” Internet technology, b) promote some creative and potentially significant uses of technology in the classroom, and c) develop a resource that teachers would come to first when thinking about implementing Web logs. I know there would be some legal hurdles, but with enough disclaimers, if Intel could put up a server barn for educators to use with little or no cost, and then build the best Web logs for educators resource site on the Internet, I think they could “capture the space.” And I know I may be a dreamer, but I still believe the potential here is HUGE. Even though on many fronts the discussion has entered into some more esoteric territory, the basic concept of implementation and use is still to easy to ignore, especially if someone (Intel?) is willing to serve it up. I dunno…seems like a no-brainer to me.