Dear Mr. Richardson:
I am happy to report that your manuscript, “Web Logs in the English
Classroom: More Than Just Chat,” has been accepted for publication in English Journal. In an effort to correspond in a timely fashion, your official acceptance letter has been attached to this email…

Ok, I’m stunned. And happy. (And I hate the title.) And the best part…I think there’s still more to come…soon. (Update: The article will run in the September issue.)

As an aside, Dave Winer in the latest Newsweek says

We’re in a middle of an explosion right now. In the last few weeks, things have just gone crazy. It’s unbelievable to see what’s going on now…It’s in the air. Maybe it is. When we look back, it’s going to be hard to tell which one of all the different things that are going on [had the most impact]. But there’s just a lot more interest in Weblogs right now. From all corners.

Time to watch, think, and plan carefully…