Got the comments tweak done (thanks to Ed my tech guy), and, if for no other reason, this makes me happy because it’s some development of the software. And from reading Joe and Sarah today, it appears at least that MT, while a feature rich alternative, may not be a better answer for the classroom. (BTW, the content of those two posts is exactly what we should start saving and developing for the eBN site, I think. At some point, we should have a list of pros and cons for all the software packages teachers are currently using: Manila, MT, Blogger, PostNuke, p-machine, etc.)

One note about the comment feature. I like it here where I am not as concerned about who is commenting on my stuff. I’m not sure it’s the better choice for student sites. I’d rather at the minimum people join the site before commenting. (Still, I’d like the ability somehow to vet potential members before allowing them to post. I haven’t had any issues with this yet, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed…another slice of content for the eBN site…)