I’ve been playing with the template in Manila and I must say between CSS and GoLive, I think I’m starting to figure it out. The long promised school newspaper site has gone through another iteration, but this is going to be it. Not exactly the way I wanted to do it, but the design works, I think, and the kids can update it. I might take a similar look for a newsmag idea I’m toying with for my class. The thing I most like about this new site is the soon to be growing list of student blogging links in the nav bar. (Here’s one example.) We still have some kinks to work out, but by next week we should be ready to start generating audiences for their work. It won’t be perfect, but nothing rarely is the first time around, especially with this stuff. Unfortunately (?) I’m more of a “let’s throw it up there and see what happens” type…I just can’t sit down and plan it all out beforehand. But this gives me some incentive to really dive into the larger project… the school site. That’s going to require more planning, ya’ think?