School is winding down on what has been a very intense, productive and exhilirating year, one that I will not soon forget. And I’m feeling it in a number of ways, most decidedly by a pull to get back in touch with my kids again and spend more time playing than sitting in front of a computer. I really marvel at the people who can continuously carve out the necessary hours every day to write and comment and continue the discussion. And it is great discussion and thinking that’s moving at such a fast pace that it’s getting really hard to keep up with. I have learned a lot. But let’s face it, there are, many more important things out there than Web logs. And I think I need to take back some of that perspective.

This has been brewing for quite some time, but when I went to a speech by Bill Clinton last night, I was really pushed in my thinking about this complex world in which we live. His world view is one of integration and interdependence, and there is much to be done to make this a better place for my kids. Love him or hate him, what I took away from it was this sentiment: there is no time to check your brain at the door and not become a part of the conversation.

I still want to be a part of this Web log conversation, and I will. But I also want to throw my energies into other areas that are capturing my attention, namely the environment, the dissapearance of the media in this country, and getting rid of what I truly believe is a dangerous group of leaders who are threatening our way of life in many, many ways. With two young children who I don’t spend nearly enough time with, a self-employed wife, a new job, a garden, a renewed passion for running and more, I’m having to choose my priorities. I wish I could do it all, but I can’t, so in case anyone cares, don’t be surprised if posts here become more sporadic. I’ll still report on my successes and failures, and I hope to continue to expand my thinking on how and why Web logs could be great things in my classroom. But I need to take a step back and reasses. Wish me luck.